Is it a worthwhile choice?

hello! I just got into pace on a 30+k scholarship. NYC is my dream city, and the prospect of studying there is thrilling. I’ve always sought a college with a strong sense of community, an excellent location with abundant activities, a vibrant music scene, top-notch professors, and perhaps some decent parties. The generous scholarship makes Pace a more affordable choice for my family compared to other options. I’m seriously contemplating it! Can Pace fulfill these criteria? Is it a worthwhile choice?

While FiDi isn’t my top pick, living in Chinatown and having a 15-minute commute to Pace makes it work. Pace may be in FiDi, but being in NYC puts you close to everything. The NYU area stands out for its vibrant nightlife and music scene—don’t miss the Music Inn for its incredible variety of instruments.

Building a sense of community depends on your program and how much you engage. As a theater major, I benefit from a built-in community. However, those who decline invitations and keep to themselves miss out. With over 100 clubs, you’re likely to find something that piques your interest.

I have immense respect for my professors, especially in my major. Generally, Pace professors are compassionate and treat you well, provided you communicate effectively.

Awesome, thanks! I’m going for English major, but considering a switch to arts/entertainment or poli sci. Thanks for the insights! Planning to actively engage in school life and make connections!

Hello! I’m a second-year Film & Screen Studies major at Pace NYC, and my experience has been amazing so far. With supportive professors (one even paid for my subway fare!), enjoyable classes, and great connections with fellow students, I’ve found a vibrant community. Pace NYC is popular among west coast students, and the city offers numerous extracurricular options. While not a fan of the party scene, there are plenty of nearby clubs and bars. Despite the high cost, the city’s opportunities make it worthwhile. However, the food is improving but not the best, and the administration can be challenging. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I am here to help:)

Hey Manav, I just wanted to know about the literature scene here. I have always been interested in the subject and want to know about the faculty and the crowd and basically the culture of the university. How are the scopes for this , I mean I guess the university gives preference to the other courses insted of the literature department or am I just out of my mind?

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It is good, I mean literature is not my scene , but I see students practicing for plays all the time. And the professors are nice. I guess you will dig the vibe here