Is GPA more important now for jobs?

The job market has changed a lot, and even students with internships are struggling to find work. I’m wondering if having a high GPA is becoming more important? I’m a junior with a 3.7 GPA but no internships, graduating in Spring 2025. My classes are getting harder, and it’s tough to keep my GPA above 3.0. I’m worried about finding a job without internships and my GPA dropping. I love my major and want a career in it, but I’m feeling worried about my chances.

GPA isn’t the key, just focus intensely on landing any internship you can, or if not, dive into a major project. Being a senior, I can clearly witness the challenges faced by those without any internships under their belt.

as a student, i’ve only covered so much material and can really only put together basic projects. any suggestions for what you’re suggesting when you talk about tackling big projects.

It really hinges on your interests. The main thing is securing an internship or a tech-related job first (I was a TA and also worked at a help desk). For projects, simply utilize YouTube and Google to discover a project that aligns with the area you’re interested in exploring. (I’ve created a replica of a well-known website and various video games) Even if they don’t directly relate to my field, employers appreciate seeing that you’re engaged in activities beyond your coursework.

For any first-year students reading this, it’s a really smart move to get chummy with the upperclassmen in your major. Because, when it’s time to hunt for an internship, you can dive into your Rolodex (or your email list or LinkedIn connections) and hit up these folks who might already be in the field to see if they’ve heard of any openings. My own internship came about because my department head flipped through his actual Rolodex, of all things, and suggested I call someone. They weren’t exactly on the lookout for an intern, but they were willing to make space for one. Fast forward, I’m in my final year and still at the same place, and just the other day, a sophomore asked me about my internship since he’ll be around for the summer. I mentioned it to my supervisor, and voilà, I’m going to have a summer intern of my own.

Large companies and certain roles might have a minimum GPA requirement, often around 3.0. This acts as an initial filter for a high volume of applicants. A good GPA can indicate your ability to learn complex concepts, manage workload, and persevere through challenges - valuable traits for a software engineer. Meanwhile, skills are atmost important.