Is getting a CS Degree and learning how to use LLM hard?

Hey I am a student interested about getting a bachelors in computer science at ASU but don’t know if it’s hard and if I’m your guys opinion it was worth it. To be honest I am interested in learning about coding and LLM and using them, but I know it takes a while to get there, I believe 4 years.

To those who are taking CS in your opinion is it hard at ASU/ do you get to learn a lot? Are the professors good? is it over saturated ? And lastly was it worth it?

The last one I really would like to know, especially since I hear it’s now harder to find a job with a cs degree.

Also long comments I will read, tell me your stories and experiences Any thoughts and opinions help a lot :slight_smile:


First of all kudos to reaching out to others and doing the research before getting into any degree.

A computer science degree can be challenging, but it also equips you with a strong foundation for a rewarding career.

A Bachelor’s in CS typically takes 4 years. It involves core programming concepts, algorithms, data structures, and some exposure to AI and Machine Learning (ML).
Obviously, you won’t be a master coder or LLM expert straight out of school, but that also depends on your interest and the effort you put into learning more than what is required in the school. You will gain the fundamentals to learn LLM/AI/NLP etc. effectively. There are also often specialized courses in the fourth year and optional courses as well that you can take to delve deeper into AI and ML.

The short answer to your oversaturation is no. The demand for skilled computer scientists is high, and new areas like AI and ML are creating even more opportunities

The job market might be competitive for entry-level roles, but with a strong foundation and relevant projects during your studies, you can increase your chances of landing a great job.

My CS friends were the ones who got jobs well before any of us (I am from Industrial Engineering) got anything.

I can’t say much about the professor but I haven’t heard many complaints from my CS friends. You can get more details about the subjects offered in the courses section and dive deep into the course catalog to know what will be taught.

I hope this will help and motivate you. Good luck!!