Internships and on campus work

I’ll be attending Boston University MET in fall 2024, and I’m curious about how to apply for internships, both on and off campus. And is it possible for to look for internships outside boston as well?Additionally, I’d like to know if it’s easier for international students to apply. Also, any tips on finding affordable accommodation would be helpful and it should be near to university.

Now comes to the exploring part if I want to explore New York what’s the best route from Boston? Not just NYC but any other place as well. Are there plenty of travel options available in Boston ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Roshan,

Congratulations on the admission. Regarding internships, after COVID, there are no on-campus and off-campus as such. For resume, interview tips, and other logistics, you can get help from BU’s career center/office. But to apply, LinkedIn, indeed, Google Jobs will be helpful. Since you will be applying online, you can apply for any job location and 99.9% of interviews will be online.

For internships:

  1. Improve your resume regularly after talking to people with their feedbacks.
  2. Apply for the jobs that matches with your resume to at least 80%.
  3. Apply to atleat 10 applications daily consistently. (More applications will create your chances in this market)
  4. Network with your friends, and families for referrals.

The one thing that worked for me is to apply in quality and consistently.

Now regarding accommodation, join as many WhatsApp groups as you can with your BU classmates.

To explore NYC, there is a train service called “Amtrak” and a bus service called “Flixbus”. It’s highly convenient and affordable if booked in advance.

Yes, Boston offers a variety of travel options for both locals and visitors specially because of its local transport and trains.