Internship opportunities in CS

Are there opportunities for internships or research available at UTA? If there are, could someone please share how to go about this?

Talk to the professors about research and specifically about research that interests you.

For internships apply to local companies and the big ones. For research ask professors, send them emails or go to their office and talk to them. Make sure you spend some time looking into the papers they write and what they work on.

Yes, they are available. For research, you directly need to talk to professors, and they will give the positions based on your experience, interview, and stuff like that. But, you just need to make the best case possible, and if there are positions available, they will give it to you.

If you get a Graduate Research Assistant position, you will have in-state tuition and get monthly stipend. There are other research positions available too other than research positions like, student assistants, and teaching assistant positions.