Internship offer taken back :(

Received an offer from a medium-sized tech company. Had signed it a bit ago (mid-Jan). Today, got an email from the recruiter saying that they’ve hit their headcount limit and because of mistakes on their end (recruiter(s) believed they had more hc to hire me than they actually did?), they need to withdraw my offer. :frowning:

You’re starting to grasp the workings of the real world. (I’m in no way disagreeing with you.)

This is the reason why lousy companies and wrongdoers manage to escape consequences for so much time - it’s always the whistleblower who ends up facing the backlash.

Absolutely, I’m a tech recruiter specializing in tech startups across NZ and AUS.

The truth is, depending on the company’s reputation, their position in the market, etc., calling them out could really deter others.

Having said that, if the recruiters you’re dealing with simply take everything at face value, without doing their homework first - get the heck away from them.

Also, from my experience, a client will inform a recruiter about their hiring capabilities/plans. I’ve never been involved in or heard of a situation where there are more roles promised than actually available, and this only comes to light after a contract is signed. This doesn’t seem right, right?

During my university days amidst covid, I landed two internship offers, accepted both, but then backed out of one just a week before it was supposed to start.

To be fair, this was around the time when Uber and Lyft had to slash their internship programs since their operations took a hit from the pandemic. I was extremely paranoid.

The takeaway here is, putting your well-being first before any corporation is crucial (as you’ve likely been told a gazillion times).

And yeah, name and shame.

I totally get where you are coming from. A similar incident occurred with a buddy of mine in Singapore, where a big local bank, UOB, initially offered him an internship and then took it back. I suggested to my friend that he should threaten to call them out publicly. The recruiter reconsidered, and within 3 days, they reinstated his internship. By then, my friend had gotten another offer, so he had the chance to turn them down :grin:

Unforeseen economic downturns, project cancellations, or company restructuring can lead to budget cuts and hiring freezes, causing them to withdraw offers. In rare cases, the company may identify another candidate they deem a better fit for the role after extending the initial offer. So, stop worrying about what you can’t change. Try hard and focus on your future.