International Students in Canada permitted to work Full-time during Summer School

International Students in Canada permitted to work Full-time during Summer School

If you are already in Canada and are all set to start online classes full-time during the May 2020 intake, you will be allowed to attend classes full-time and work full-time simultaneously if you meet several specific conditions. This is most interesting because no country in the world has ever allowed international students to officially work full-time while studying full-time. the US, for instance, does not even allow students to work off-campus regardless of their F-1 or M-1 student status. Even students on the J-1 visa are prohibited to work off campus.

In order to receive permission from the Canadian Government, you should be employed by a company that is providing COVID-19 specific essential services. This includes and is not limited to sectors such as healthcare, critical infrastructure or the procurement and supply of food, medicines or other critical and essential products and services.

The ruling has taken effect immediately and will be in place throughout the summer until August 31, 2020. The relaxation may be extended if the need to do so is felt.

While this has no bearing on international students who are yet to commenced their Canada education journey, the move clearly reflects the positive attitude of the Canadian Government toward international students-- a glaring contrast when compared with a few other countries. The Canadian Government has also graciously provided financial relief to international students currently in Canada who are unable to return to their own countries. Write to us for more information about this ruling and to receive through email several links that shed light on the current new normal in Canada as it applies to you. You are also welcome to ask questions about studying in Canada.