INSPIRE Scholarship: Everything You Need To Know


Science is embedded in Indian society, and since ancient times, India has led the world in Mathematics and Science. Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) was the brainchild of our former President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the missile man of India. India has had this challenge of revamping its scientific base after centuries of colonial rule, and this was the step in the direction to make a concerted effort. INSPIRE Scholarship is a holistic approach that takes into account the necessity of imparting a scientific impetus right from the nascent stages. This has helped millions of students so far to realize their dreams of pursuing science and related studies without taking a toll on their finances.    The financial assistance through the INSPIRE Scholarship is a well-structured approach that has different scholarship schemes for students from different age brackets and levels of education. There was a need to bring forth a scheme that takes a democratic approach and encompasses a significant section of a student by curating different schemes for students from all levels of education from 6th standard to Ph.D.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

INSPIRE (SHE) Scholarship Scheme

Q1. What is the tenure of Inspire-SHE?
Ans. Selected candidates are supported for a maximum of 5 years, starting from 5 years or until the completion of the course (whichever is earlier). The continuation of the scholarship is based on the academic performance of the student and the recommendation of the head of the institution.

Q2.How to apply for the scholarship?
Ans. The scholarship can only be applied online. The guidelines to apply online are given here.

Q3. When should I apply for the Inspire-SHE?
Ans. Candidates who have completed their 12th standard examination and enrolled in B.Sc., B.S., Int. M.Sc./M.S. degrees, in Basic and Natural Sciences in the same year can apply for SHE.

Q4. How will I receive the scholarship amount?
Ans. The amount will be directly transfered to the sholar’s SBI account through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode.

Q5. How to send the bank account details to the Department of Science and Technology (DST)?
Ans. Each scholar has to open a Normal Saving Bank account in any branch of the State Bank of India (SBI) only.

  • The account must be in your name. Joint accounts are not accepted.
  • Accounts in any other bank are also not accepted.
  • Account has to be linked with the Aadhar no. of the scholar.
  • Sign the first page of the passbook and upload it on the INSPIRE web portal. (Unsigned documents will not be accepted).

Q6. I am an INSPIRE scholar currently pursuing B.Sc./B.S./Int.M.Sc./Int.M.S. course but I have discontinued my course. Will my scholarship be continued?
Ans. The offer for the scholarship will be discontinued. If you join the course the following academic year, the offer will stand withdrawn.

  • Scholarship stands withdrawn if you fail the course or if you decide not to sit for the semester exams.

Q7. I have completed my B.Sc. I wish to enroll in an M.Sc. course. Am I eligible for the scholarship?
Ans. Yes, you are. After three years of a B.Sc course, students can enroll in an M.Sc. (Natural and Basic Sciences only) course anywhere in the country and provide proof of enrollment. Please note that M.Tech courses are not supported.

Q8. I have completed my B.Sc. course. I wish to take a year gap before enrolling in an M.Sc. course. Will my scholarship continue?
Ans. No. The scholarship will NOT continue.

Q9. I am availing scholarships from State and Central Government. Am I eligible for the INSPIRE /SHE Scholarship?
Ans. Students cannot avail scholarship from more than one source. If the scholar wishes to avail of the INSPIRE/SHE scholarship, then he/she has to submit documentary evidence (such as Scholarship Surrender Certificate) that he/she is not availing scholarship(s) from any other source.
If it is found that the scholar is availing scholarship from other sources, the provisional offer of the INSPIRE scholarship will be withdrawn and the student will be liable to return the scholarship amount thus used.

Q10. Is there any age bracket for SHE?
Ans. Students with age groups 17-22 can apply for the scholarship.

Q11. What are the subjects that are eligible for the scholarship?
Ans. The following subjects under Basic and Natural Sciences are within the scope of INSPIRE Scholarship for pursuing BSc/BS/Int. MSc/Int. MS course:

(1) Physics,
(2) Chemistry,
(3) Mathematics,
(4) Biology,
(5) Statistics,
(6) Geology,
(7) Astrophysics,
(8) Astronomy,
(9) Electronics,
(10) Botany,
(11) Zoology,
(12) Bio- chemistry,
(13) Anthropology,
(14) Microbiology,
(15) Geophysics,
(16) Geochemistry,
(17) Atmospheric Sciences &
(18) Oceanic Sciences

Q12. What subjects are not eligible for the scholarship?
Ans. Courses other than these subjects such as -
Military Science,
Defense Studies,
Seed Technology,
Home Science,
Education (including B.Sc.-B.Ed. dual degree course),
Computer Science,
Computer Applications,
Information Technology,
Physical Education,
courses in Distance Education mode at the Open Universities and other professional courses are NOT supported.

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