Inquiry about Pace's MS in CS program

Hello, I’m an international student from India and I’ve applied to Pace University for Master’s in Computer Science. I’m seeking insights on the course curriculum, faculty, internship opportunities, on-campus jobs, and the university’s reputation in New York. Any assistance or personal experiences shared would be greatly appreciated.

Great choice applying to Pace University for your Master’s in Computer Science! Yeh program a mix hai theoretical aur practical skills ka, covering areas like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. Pace ke faculty highly experienced hain aur often apne fields mein actively involved bhi hote hain, jo industry insights provide karte hain.

Being in New York City, Pace excellent internship opportunities offer karta hai with tech startups and major companies, which is a huge plus for gaining practical experience. On-campus jobs bhi available hote hain, jo international students ko unke expenses manage karne mein help karte hain.

Pace New York mein kaafi well-regarded hai, especially for its business and computer science programs, making it a strong choice for your studies. For detailed insights, consider connecting with current students ya alumni, and definitely unki website check karo at Pace University’s Computer Science Department. Best of luck!