Incoming freshman here.

I qualify for Comet Promise and got a $4k/semester AES. But then I found out Comet Promise covers the gap between AES & Pell grants to full tuition. (like if AES and Pell Grant leave me with $1000 to pay, it’ll cover that).

So, my tuition’s all paid for, but not my other costs (like living, books, travel, etc.)

Is there another way to cover these expenses without getting a job? Do they offer more scholarships or financial help? What kind of aid did you all get starting at UTD?

If you’ve completed the FAFSA, you’re also eligible for federal student loans. Assuming this is already taken care of, and you’ve received the Pell Grant. Just a heads up, you need to fill out the FAFSA every year. This year, the FAFSA’s been facing some…processing challenges… meaning colleges are taking longer than usual to inform you of your aid package (because they’re still waiting on the government/they’re delayed). It might be possible to use some of the Pell Grant for non-tuition related expenses, but I’m not certain if that’s applicable to everyone or the extent of what it covers.

Actually, I have the same query and also been wondering about how I can save money staying here as I am going to take a loan for my further studies here.

Yeah, I mean It’s been a long time and I haven’t got an update for the same.

You can look out for different scholarships related to international students if you are not a native fellow. Also, there are university specific universities too. Also, it is always good to finance your money according to your needs, do not buy stuff that you might not be needing. It comes easy to you once you actually start living there. There are a lot of helpful videos on youtube and a lot of blogs related to the same i.e managing your finances. There is a blog under the career guidance category of this forum. I came accross that a while ago.