In all seriousness, how does UTD compare to other public universities in Texas?

Hopefully this relates to UTD and won’t be taken off, I just wanna have a discussion with actual UTD students since I’m gonna be applying soon. Is UTD “prestigious” like TAMU? The school has high SAT standards and a great average GPA, but with a 79% acceptance rate, is it easy to get in? Do you need good extracurriculars, or if you just have a good GPA and SAT score will they take you? From online lists it seems that UTD is Texas’s third best public university after UT and TAMU. In terms of DFW, I think UTD is the best university, especially looking at rankings, it is way better than UNT. I want a MS in Accounting and live in DFW, so would this school be good or should I go to TAMU for the college experience? Since I heard UTD lacks school spirit? But to be honest, I could not give a damn about spirit and just want an affordable yet reputable degree. So would UTD be good? Edit; sorry I meant a BS in Accounting

For accounting, UTD is a prime choice! There are a good deal of organizations and you can even work with advisors to get work experience while in school.

Not as much school spirit, but lots of opportunity to get involved on campus and in the DFW area. If you want the opportunity to really make the community a better place, UTD is a good place to make your mark

Try to get into PPA, they are heavily recruited by public companies

I was accepted to both TAMU and UTD for Electrical Engineering (not at all what I’m doing now lol). TAMU is a considerably more prestigious school with a reputable engineering program. I still chose UTD. Why? Because UTD gave me a full ride and housing. TAMU just gave me loans. I didn’t care much for school spirit either, and I would rather graduate with 0 loans than have the mainstream college experience. That said, financial aid has changed since I came in as a freshman due to how UTD tends to take on way more students than it can realistically support. If that’s something you’re concerned about, I would get in contact with both the financial aid offices at UTD and TAMU and see what you can expect to receive.

For accounting specifically we are actually a great school. Only schools I would put ahead of UTD are TAMU (you can’t beat their alumni network) UT Austin (They just have more resources/bigger than us in almost every way) and SMU (Better alumni network). Our Internal Audit ranking is one of the best in the world if not the BEST, additionally our public accounting program is also really good. All in all speaking a pretty good choice. And other than Intermediate 2 accounting and auditing the other classes are not hard at all. - M.S. Accounting Graduate

TAMU is good but for business school, I would say JSOM is better. Their accounting field is ranked higher.

This is the first time I’ve heard someone call TAMU prestigious lol.
Btw i just noticed that most of the names in the comments starts with an ‘A’ lol, must be because we’re all straight A students (student rizz)

Better academically. Worse when it comes to alumni network

I am taking my BS in accounting and graduating this December. JSOM is a highly ranked business school and so far I’ve enjoyed it and the people are very nice however I have cried over a couple accounting classes as they are not easy. But like the others said, there is very little school spirit unless you get into a specific club really.

How hard is the accounting, does it require all nighters if someone can’t manage their time or procrastinates really bad?

@harsh-eys Chilll, it’s not thaat hard, but do make sure you are not dilly dallying here and there cause it ain’t easy either. You gotta do something yourself as well… As long as you keep track and study from the start it’s not something to stress about (I do pull all-nighters here and there and in some classes i do not get the lectures which is why i cried, but i ask my fellow classmates or search videos online so they helped), but not to the extend you might imagine. Good luck, you got thiis