Impact of Coronavirus on MS in US Fall 2020 Aspirants

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I have been receiving calls/emails from many fall 2020 aspirants asking the possible speculations. Creating this thread so all such questions can be posted in one place and get answered by current students, experts, alumni, university representatives.

Don’t wait, list all the questions you have in mind.

Adding Relevant Literature:

Is there a possibility of a complete semester whitewash due to Coronavirus?

Lets say, if the colleges do start in the month of September, but will it make sense now to go? Given the huge economic impact of this virus, will there be enough jobs for us?

Is it good to enroll in the online classes if the university offers one in the first semester ?

It wouldn’t be a bad choice to attend the online courses.

As a matter of fact, many universities are already adding to their online offerings and a few ed-tech firms are outsourcing their platforms to education institutes at this point in time. ASU For You is one such resource that I recently came across thanks to a mail from Arizona State University Office of the President.

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There is a very high possibility that the first semester will be delayed given the way things are panning out. Universities are trying to figure out alternative strategies and the best possible guess at this stage is that most universities will offer an online alternative for a semester, and a few will defer the start of the college year and make adjustments to the calendar to make up for lost time

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Your assumption is that the economic impact of the virus will be significant enough to create a long lasting recession (depression of sorts) lasting more than 2 years. If you choose to join the program this year, you aren’t as concerned about whether we are in a recession right now as much as if we will be in one 2 years from now. Expectations of a V-shaped recovery are definitely low now. The question is whether it will be a U-shaped recovery or an L-shaped recovery. Your guess is as good as anyone’s when it comes to predicting a recovery.
What can be said is that the economic recovery would be a great time to graduate from college. The impact of the current crisis will severely impact the students graduating this year, which is something you might have read closer home as well with companies delaying / rescinding offer letters for full-time placements and internships.

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If you mean the semester not being conducted, thats a low chance. All the currently enrolled students, who started in Fall’19 would continue working towards their degree. But there’s a high chance that Fall’20 admits can be forced to defer to a later semester depending on how the situation is.

There are a lot of legal challenges with that. Given the current F1 rules, you should not enroll in online classes as your student status would not be active until the time you reach your university. Which means that lets say if you completed your Fall semester online and went to the USA for spring semester, you won’t be able to do an internship during summer (you’d not have completed 2 semesters on F1 visa yet)
Unless USCIS/SEVIS provide a relaxation for the students enrolling in Fall 2020 due to the situation, I would not prefer taking the online classes. And they might provide that relaxation, as one rule has already been relaxed for current students - normally F1 students are required to be enrolled in at least 1 in-person class and cannot take all the classes online, but for this semester the students are enrolled online and can take the classes from anywhere in the world without losing the visa status

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Question 1: How difficult it will be for the bank officials to process education loans amid the pandemic COVID-19 issue ?. How much days it will take for the bank approval for Education loan provided the documents are properly submitted preferably in case of SBI and BOB ?

Hi @Hari_Prasanth

It is difficult in the 75 districts with the complete lockdown till 31st March, which may extend as well. If you live in one of these 75 districts then you would need to wait for the next step in process till the situation become normal especially in banks like SBI / BOB as they don’t have an online process. If you don’t live in those 75 districts, its business as usual with little delays.

We would recommend you to apply via GyanDhan, as we are in constant touch with these banks and will get it done as early as possible.

If the foreign University in USA/Germany is an average one then does it jeopardize the job prospects?