I'm stuck choosing between UTD and SMU for biochemistry

I’ve heard SMU is more into business, but on Niche, it’s ranked #5 for biochemistry. UTD, on the other hand, seems more science-focused but doesn’t rank as high. SMU offered me a $30,000 scholarship (I’d still need to pay $30k, but FAFSA might help), while UTD hasn’t given any scholarship and costs $14,000. Which biochemistry program do you think is better? And which one offers more value for the money?

While on campus the biochemistry department was not “THE” department for sure, in fact in one of the biochem batches there were only 7 students enrolled for one semester, one of them was my friend she didn’t like the curriculum much. UTD is the better option if you are opting for STEM-focused courses plus SMU is offering you a superb scholarship, try to speak to one or two alum from SMU and lock this.

Regarding expenses:

For SMU, you’re looking at $30K, plus there’s a rule that you need to stay on campus for the first two years, which means extra costs, but the good part is you get smaller class sizes.

On the other hand, UTD will cost you around $2K if you choose to stay at home in the DFW area and travel to college, which is quite budget-friendly, though you’ll have to manage with larger class sizes.