I'm eager to hear about your time at this institution

I’m eager to hear about your time at this institution. My son intends to pursue computer science before heading to law school, and we’re in the process of deciding on the right university for him.

Could you share your experiences during your tenure at the university? Were the professors supportive and accessible? I’m curious about the overall atmosphere of the faculty and the campus environment. Also, how effective is their career support? Do you have any regrets about choosing this university?

I would deeply value any thoughts or advice you could provide. Thank you so much!

CS and then law school? Why?

He wants to go into privacy law, an undergrad in a related field is a prerequisite.

Information Systems or Data Science might be a good fit. That way they won’t have to take all the required engineering math.

Thank you! I’ll pass this info to him. Do you know if UNT is a good school for these majors?

There’s only two tiers of computer science programs in the US (ABET accredited). UNT is in the second tier, along with all the other schools in Texas.

As for grad school, grades are going to matter a lot with the competition, so they should keep up their core, and also look at programs like REUs and UR2PhD to give them experience for their CV.
I know for many ugrad to grad programs at UNT you don’t need to take the GRE as long as you have met all the other requirements, but I’m honestly not sure about UNT Dallas and the LSAT since it’s a different school altogether.

Sorry, can you elaborate on the tiers, I don’t understand.

Not sure what else I can elaborate on? ABET accreditation ensures all the programs contain the same outcomes. Tier 1 schools have more local resources and industry involvement.