Im an international student and have applied to UTA

Im an international student and have applied to UTA. Can someone give me an insight on how the CS course is at UTA? Things I need to keep in mind when joining. Are they good?

Also do career and job fairs at UTA provide for enough networking opportunities to generate an outcome?

Hello Kabir,

CS program at UTA is pretty good. I graduated from EE but i have friends who completed CS program and are doing really well for themselves. We do have a career fairs and also good network reachout program.
if have any specific questions about CS program i can reach out to my friends and let you know

I also want to know about the palcement opportunities at the universities. I mean if there is a good placement rate for the students who got placed on-campus.

I am just not sure about the opportunities, I mean do enough companies visit the campus? and if they do, is it hard to get a placement?


I hope you’re doing well.

On-campus job opportunities are rare. I found it difficult even to get an internship but you have many job fairs and those give you an upper hand.

I found my first job in those job fairs and many of my friends did the same and this is the very common story in most US colleges.