I want to apply us for Ms in supply chain please suggest me the universities where I can apply

Please help me to find the universities

I got a MS in SCM from University of Tennessee. Considering I had no formal SCM training before, it was worth every penny.

Great, thorough and polished program.

Dear Raj

Happy to learn that to wish to apply for a demand driven program. However, the suggestion would better come if I can have a profile analysis of your previous academic achievements with scores. This will help me understand your profile and the provide you a list of Universities where you can apply as per your eligibility.

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Well, there are a lot of universities in different countries. I myself applied in Arizona State uni , you can look into UCM, UTD and much more. These are good universities but I don’t know if they offer MS in supply chain, you will have to check their official website for that.

Michigan State and Arizona State stand out in supply chain management (SCM). They were pioneers, embracing SCM while traditional giants like MIT, Michigan, and Texas were still focused on “Operations Management.” Nowadays, most top-tier institutions have incorporated SCM into their curriculum, meaning you can receive an excellent SCM education from well-known schools and even those less recognized.

What you should aim for is a program specializing in business or industrial distribution. While Industrial Engineering (IE) is related and provides solid operational knowledge, it equips you with a distinct skill set that’s different from managing logistics operations.