I wanna know about the ms in cs program of Pace Pleasantville campus

Hey! I wanna know bout the ms in cs program of Pace Pleasantville campus. Is it as good as NYC campus?
Look into rutgers, stony brook, stevens, they are way better, then look into pace. Pace is decent in cs but u will just get 99% class with Indians, idk if u r fine with that
Why what's wrong with that?

Also, what is your opinion on the level of curriculum? Is it as competitive as the other college u mentioned? If not, what would your rank of it be from 0 to 10?

Nothing wrong. But the other universities I mentioned will open more doors for u in the industry. The curriculum is the same as most places, it highly depends on which professors u take
Are other universities more diverse? Like I myself am an Indian and plan to do my masters in the US. But there is no point coming there if my class is going to be filled with the same ethnic people. I wanted more of the international exposure.
I’m not sure about the other universities but pace masters in tech classes are 98% filled with Indians with half of them South Indians. Not being racist just stating facts
The thing is Pace seems a good univ for finance too....and I believe that will help me to tip my toes a lil in the finace world too. But I was wondering about the exposure.

Is the course at least as competitive as these other univs?

Sorry for troubling u with so many questions, I am selecting univs rn for next year and it seems a bit overwhelming man, that’s all.

There are lot of Indians in the entire university or just the tech classes? Like if I join some clubs or organisation or fraternity will there be more diversity ?
@Rrhea444 Mostly in masters tech classes. R u an undergrad? If yes then u dont need to worry at all. But if you are a masters student, then yes there are many Indians but not many in the clubs. But I dont think any masters student join such frat clubs
Pm me nw But if u want to master in finance or related, i would recommend pace Dont be in the delusion that u will get a lot of exposure to finance being a cs student though
men that sucks, i mean i'm not a racist but I wanted more diversity. Is it possible to transfer to a different school after 1st semester?

and ms students dont join frat, like is it not allowed or they dont get the time to join?

Pm me, also r u grad or undergrad?