I only hope to get admission in SJSU

So today, when I was going through my efforts to get into SJSU’s MS in SE program, it’s been nothing short of an epic journey. I’ve dedicated everything to this - engaging in continuous conversations with alumni, and bombarding the university with calls and emails. I am working out how to show I can cover the $45k needed, which I planned to handle with a loan after getting admitted, have been huge tasks. And, compressing my whole life into a 5000-character SOP was like trying to fit an elephant into a suitcase. It’s been tiring, to put it mildly.

Now, the only thing I can do is hope it’s been sufficient. With my undergrad in ECE, a 8.5 GPA, a GRE score of 319, a publication, a 6-month internship, and scoring 106 in TOEFL, I’m crossing my fingers. :crossed_fingers:

Amid all this, there’s one question that my SOP had a strict character limit, which made it tough to fully express my background and dreams. Could anyone suggest how to effectively communicate my message within such constraints? And would it be considered as a negative point if I just try to put all the things in a congested manner ?

Understood. When crafting your resume and Statement of Purpose (SoP) for the admissions process, prioritize conciseness and avoid redundant information. Focus on aspects of your professional background directly relevant to your motivation for applying to the course. While the SoP may have character limits, ensure that the details provided align specifically with the question at hand. Maintain a formal tone and be direct to convey information effectively.

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Before MS acceptance, how did you submit financial proof without loan letter ?

Absolutely, it seems like SJSU stands out as the only institution requiring a bank statement prior to acceptance.

You actually have a pretty decent profile, you would most probably get into other good schools as well.