I need 1 credit elective this summer

Hey everyone,

In search of some guidance! I need just 1 credit this summer to finish up my Business Communication degree at WP Carey online. Choosing one has got me stumped, and my advisor wasn’t much help – she simply mentioned to pick any 1-credit elective.

I’m into music, law, art business (haha), and religion. Does anyone have suggestions for an enjoyable elective I could enroll in?

If you want enjoy for sure music/art but again if something useful you want you can choose business. It depends upon you any one should do good .

One of my friends in WP Carey had this situation. You’re actually free to select any course. If you know how to search for the courses, I would suggest exploring that because you may not have many options. Since you’re a business communications major, I would also suggest looking into a journalism course (unless you are set on enjoying that 1 credit). You can fulfill 1 credit requirement through an internship as well if that’s an option for you.

FIN 123

You can speed run this course within a day.