I’m doing a self-guided tour of UTA tomorrow

Hey guys! I’m doing a self-guided tour of UTA tomorrow. I’m applying for a second bachelors in Biology and eventually want to do research science. The other schools I’m applying for are UT Austin and Texas State.

First, how does UTA hold up for research? From what I can tell, it has high research activity.

Second, any advice on coffee shops or some secret fun places I should visit? I’ll mostly be around the library as that’s where the life science and physics buildings are.

Thanks so much!

Definitely spend some time in the library! It's the best.

Inclusion Coffee is just off campus and is amazing and there’s a Kung Fu Tea just down from it, if you prefer boba. Flying Fish is a great place to get lunch if you like seafood, Kintaro, if you prefer ramen (and with this weather, you might!).

I love ramen, tea, coffee, and J.K. Rowling. So my only trouble is deciding which one should I go for first 😂

Thanks so much though ! I’ll definitely spend lots of time in the library.

I don’t know about you guys but personally, I prefer to take a short drive to Sumo Ramen off campus. It’s a bit cheaper and you can get Pearl Milk Tea at a discounted price if you order a bowl of Ramen