i have no idea what I'm supposed to do after graduating grade 12, well i do but not the process of getting there

(my_qualifications - I’m in 9th grade, CBSE. exams are next month. Maybe I’m doing too much but also I’m clueless and i need to know) I know i have to pass my boards and after 12 but I don’t know what exactly come after that. I know i want to study law. But how? I know where but I don’t know what comes before or after bachelors. I don’t have any older siblings or cousins i can ask. And its pretty embarrassing to tell ask my family about studying abroad when I don’t even know what the process is.

Bachelors in Law at the University of Luxembourg. That much i know but is there any exam i have to pass before that, do i have to do my masters before or after bachelors? Is there something else in between? I genuinely don’t know what happens or what I’m supposed to do after 12th to reach my goal

I just need a whole step by step break down and I’d be really greatful if someone could tell me. Thank youuu :33

The only thing one should be final about is their course and college, since you have that part done. I would suggest just going through the admission requirements and meeting them, also talk to some alumni via LinkedIn or reddit itself. You have 2 more years and my god that's a lot of time to prepare.

I don’t know anything about Law field, like since law depend on country you might need to do bachelor’s and master’s from the same country or their might be some prerequisites. If not I would suggest do your bachelor’s from India and then go. You would be more mature and would be able to make better career decisions.

Get your law degree form india like NLU ( National law university) there is CLAT exam for that 5 year law degree (since you have time go for NLU only its like iit of law) after that you can master from abroad in tons of specialization like international law, environment etc etc
tyy. I'll do more research on that

Okay, thank you so muchhh :DD