I have a few questions , can @abhishek help?

Questions for Abhishek

  1. You did your graduation in Computer Science and then pursued masters as well in same stream.
    I did my graduation 11 years back in electronics and communication engineering, working as l Data Warehouse Tech Lead from past 11 years, and now want to pursure masters in Computer Science (Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, or in Data Science)
    Is it possible to pursure masters in US in different stream than graduation? If yes, will it be difficult for someone from non CS background?

  2. How difficult is it to pursure PhD if selected in a job post completion of Masters. Do employers offer any waiver for cost of higher education if employee is willing to go for PhD?

  3. Apart from Tution fee and accommodation, how much one should keep as buffer while planning budget for masters?

  4. Do Universities offer any campus recruitment drives/assistance?

  5. What is the difficulty level of Masters as compared to your Bachelors in India?



  1. Since you have 11 years of experience if you go into a company then they may offer you a role where you need to work with relatively younger people than if you are comfortable with that.
    People in the US tend to read a lot to try to understand and then take you into their organisation or committee or group.
    It’s definitely possible to pursue masters in different stream, but it will ultimately come down to how you are presenting things in your SOP, so you are able to do that then apply and see how committee will take it and whether will give you a fair chance or not.

  2. I don’t know whether employers offer a waiver in cost or not, I heard a couple of cases where people who are working and then if they couldn’t convert there h1b visa, a good way to stay in America is to go to a PhD program where you will be given one visa, so that’s a good way of staying in America. PhD is if you have done your masters in whatever thesis or whatever project you have done, then you have to apply for PhD and see.
    One thing I would suggest, maybe the PhD would say it would take three years to complete there are chances it it goes to 5 years so you just have to see the timeline if that kind of scenario suits to you then definitely you can go for PHD.

  3. My situation was I had just taken account in tuition fee that would be definitely coming from the education loan that I took and accommodation like I said whatever University you are going to make sure that there is some part time job available because that would help you to pay for your accommodation as well as have a little bit buffer also to go about your monthly expenses so if you have a good part time job then it wouldn’t bother you about the living expenses.
    Arizona is not that expensive but if you are going to California or New York side then the best thing is to get an estimate from someone who is already working there.
    You should have a buffer definitely not a big buffer but in case of any wrong scenario and you are not prepared for it then it will help you, you can have it either in your Indian account or with your parents or someone who can help you out when you are in such a situation.

  4. ASU is a good option as there is a company every semester, companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple any tech Giant just say the name and it is on the ASU campus.
    So I got placed in Walmart, the interview process initiated through campus recruitment only I go and spoke to them, just told them my interest in Walmart & the technologies I was working on. They were impressed with that and they rescheduled my interview the very next day, so you won’t complaint about recruitment drives and assistance in ASU. But for other universities ask from someone who is studying there they will give you a good picture.