I had an amazing day interviewing for a summer internship at TikTok

Before my coding round, a lady took me around the office. It felt surprisingly cozy, with white textured walls and some homey decorations. She showed me the kitchens where they serve lunch every day and where you can get as many cookies as you want. I grabbed one to eat while we walked around.

She then showed me some chill-out rooms. There was one room filled with just Lego - she even started putting together a Pokémon Lego set while I discovered a huge slide. We both went down it, and I finished my cookie (it was really tasty).

It seems the jokes about tech offices being like a playground for adults might actually be on point. They even had a soft play area. It’s like those play zones for kids, but adults were using it too. It’s pretty fun, I guess.

And you won’t believe this - they have a petting zoo right there! There’s a balcony that leads to a garden with the cutest baby goats. I loved petting them.

I was about to start my interview when I remembered TikTok follows a 668 working hours schedule, and I didn’t want that, so I turned it down.

And then, I woke up, realizing it was all a dream.

I worked at Facebook back in 2017, and even now in 2024, I keep dreaming about roaming around the campus, enjoying the free food, and spending time with my friends there.

We are dreamers brother. We are the future :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Tum kuch jyada serious nhi ho gaye bhai😂


Gangadhar hi shaktimaan hai :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’ve checked it out a few times, and honestly, it’s quite entertaining, haha. But, it’s a bit odd too, since you can easily end up spending all your time there, completely detached from the “real world.”