I got ‘conditionally admitted’ for the 2024 Spring Semester

So I received a decision letter today. I got ‘conditionally admitted’ for the 2024 Spring Semester, which is very confusing to me because the spring semester just started last Tuesday. It also says that I’m required to participate in the MAVS RISE program. My Mav is also telling me that I have register for orientation and academic advising. So there’s more sessions for the current semester? Im kinda lost here.

Conditional Admission is the level of admission other than direct admission. This happens if you don’t have sufficient grades, and UTA wants to give you an opportunity.

As a part of the admission status, you will also be a part of MAVS RISE Program. You will have to register for its orientation which will be similar to other orientation registrations.

As this is a sensitive area, you will have to maintain your grades above 3.0 or higher every semester.

It would be better to book an appointment and meet your advisor, because academic advisors will help out students through all these process. Acadmic Advisors buildings are present in the building of the college. It depends on which college you go to. You can search about it in Google, Name of the College, UTA and Academic Advisors.

Let me know if you need any more help.