I can't stand group projects

Seriously, is having 18 (or maybe 15, I’ve lost count) people in one group way too many, or is it just me? It’s like I’m losing my mind here. I’ve ended up leading this giant project that’s really meant for one person (a 10-page paper, a presentation, and speaking) and I’ve never seen such terrible writing and time management skills in my life. I’m just here to vent, honestly. I feel like I’ve done the work of 10 people and my grades are paying the price. It seems like some folks might even be cheating by using AI for their parts, and I’ve already told the professor about it. This is a class for sophomores and I’m only in my second semester of college, dealing with juniors in my group. How did they even get this far?

Just venting,

A student

That sounds insanely stressful. I can’t even imagine managing such a large group. Sounds like a logistical nightmare.
Right? I thought I was signing up for a simple project, not herding cats. Everyone’s pulling in different directions.

And yes, it is a nightmare!

Maybe it’s time to set some strict deadlines and assign specific tasks to people? That might help keep the chaos in check
In big groups, sometimes you have to be a bit ruthless. It’s the only way to ensure that work actually gets done.
Manjeet, have you tried using any project management tools? Something like Trello or Asana might help organize everyone’s contributions.
Also, if you think people are cheating, that’s serious. It’s good you've spoken to the professor. What did they say?
The professor was supportive, but it’s hard to prove anything. I’m just focusing on making sure the final paper makes sense.
Stick to your guns bro. If you need to, take over the critical parts and delegate the rest.
That’s tough, though. But, don’t let this mess affect your own grades too much. Maybe document everything you do?
I’ve started documenting already. It’s crazy how much extra work I’m doing just to keep things on track.
Sounds like you’re practically running the whole show. You should get extra credit for managing this circus.
Exactly, maybe you can negotiate some extra points with your professor for the extra workload.
I might just do that. At this point, I feel more like a manager than a student.
Don't sweat it. This is just one project. It won’t define your whole college experience. Just do your best.
Indeed, and once it’s done, you’ll know exactly what to avoid in future group projects. Always learning, right?

I wish I were a proton with always some positivity in me. But let me see how it goes. Feels good to rant. Thank you guysss!!!