I can’t find anywhere to study on campus

Midday on campus is BRUTAL. Just lapped all of Snell, Shillman, Ryder and couldn’t find a single space to study. Does anyone have any recommendations? This school is wayyyy too overpopulated

There is the Boston Public Library, but it is far with the T not running. You could study in your room or take an empty classroom like someone else suggested.

There is the study center next to the Christian Research Center.

You could also try finding a table at a cafe like Pavement, Tatte, Caffe Bene or Nerro, but they are usually busy

Edit: I forgot to mention that EXP has some study areas as well as ISEC, but it is typically limited

300 Huntington across the street from BSO. Quiet, near my apartment and never more than 7 people.

3rd floor Ryder

The Law Library

ISEC or EXP, but like it’s gonna still be the same. U can also try Hastings classrooms and snell basement classrooms or any empty classroom tbh. West Village F also has a big ass classroom and a sound system that u can control from an app on ur phone lol

I always had a friend with an opposite schedule as me to “switch off” at one table the whole day :sob: I would go to my morning class and then grab a table at Shillman at like 10 am after it. My friend would end their class at 11:15 and then would sit with me for 30 mins before I went to my next class. They would then have the table to themselves til 1:30 when i would come back and rejoin them. Then we’d switch off again at their 2pm class. It was a good system tbh but definitely locked us down to one spot - managed to get a table with outlets too! Maybe you can find a friend / roommate who has an opposite schedule as you and do this with? Just a suggestion tho I know we were literally wild for this

tbh i usually hit curry indoor quad and have pretty good luck. only good if you’re just working on your computer tho, usually the tables r full or tiny. that or some of the west village buildings have little places to study

Hahahaha that’s a crazy strategy. The lengths we have to go to

it’s so sad :melting_face: but at least it worked @biu-biu