I am thinking of switching to ITS, please suggest

I’m on the fence about it, but honestly, coding’s just not sparking joy for me these days. Struggling to keep up with the code, and this semester’s courses are no joke. Feels like I’m miles behind while everyone’s breezing through like they were born to code. Been toying with the idea of jumping ship to ITS since the buzz around it seems pretty positive, but still on the fence about how solid it is. Anyone from ITS or SE think the switch is worth it? I get that it’s my call, but code’s just not clicking with me.

ITS is a solid choice, for sure. Based on what I’ve picked up, it really boils down to whether you’re aiming to be a software engineer, which is code-heavy, or if you’re leaning towards a career that’s tech but with a business angle, offering a wider range of paths. My advice? Start with digging into the career prospects ITS opens up and see if that vibe resonates more with you than the software engineering route.

Hey there! Coming from someone who majored in SE and minored in ITS, if coding’s not your jam, switching might be a good move, especially since you’re just starting out. ITS adds a business lens to the whole software development life cycle, so if software’s not your thing, maybe consider veering towards something in management. Just a heads up, though, you’ll still have to do some programming in a few ITS classes, but it’s pretty straightforward stuff.