I am a little worried about my GPA😓

Hey everyone, I’m in my second year doing ITS, and after these recent midterms, it’s clear my GPA is going to drop. Just curious to know about your experiences in securing an internship despite having a not-so-great GPA? Would love any tips or advice you have to share. Thanks a lot!

I’m from Computer Science, not IT. The tip I received was to skip mentioning the GPA if it’s below 3.0. When I was looking for internships, I didn’t mention my GPA, and no one asked about it. For job applications, my GPA was just over 3.0, so I included it, but still, nobody really talked about it. From what I’ve seen, GPA doesn’t seem to matter much, but i am curious to know what other thinks.

In my interviews, no one ever asked about my GPA. So, if you’re stressed about a low GPA, consider adding some certifications to your resume. For those in Information Technology Services, you might want to look into certifications like Security+, A+, or cloud platforms like GCP, AWS, Azure. These can really help make up for a lower GPA