Hyderabad: Study Abroad Networking Meetup 20 April

About the Event :

Whether you are preparing for GRE/GMAT, waiting for admissions, or looking for funds for your education, this event is for you. This is your golden chance to network with like-minded peers who’ll support you throughout your study abroad journey.

Are you a GRE/GMAT Aspirant? Network with fellow top scorers and get tips to ace your test.
Are you a College Applicant? Discuss with peers on SOP, LOR and college selection to find the most ideally suited college for your profile.
Are you Waiting for Admits? Get guidance on scholarships and loans.

Sounds exciting? Fill the registration form below to RSVP for the event at📍Hotel Grandeur, Beside New Science College, Ameerpet

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Meet the Speaker:
Aman Jain (CMO, GyanDhan), has interacted with over 2,000+ study abroad aspirants. Six years ago he was in the same stage as you are today– connecting with alumni and fellow aspirants.

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