Human Resources

I am planning to take study masters degree in Human Resource. A senior of mine is studying in Curtin University Australia, Master of Human Resource. Can you suggest whether this progamme is good in terms of jobs and future prospects? I want to make an informed decision by taking different view points. Don’t want to rely on the biased views.
Thanks in advance.

It is difficult to make out about this HR course at Curtin University. However, I can give my two cents taking a general idea into consideration.
Curtin is an average rank college. According to payscale, the average salary for an HR manager in Australia is 88kAUD. The employability ratio of the institute is also fairly good. Being a public university the tuition costs are also moderate as compared to private institutes.
I understand if you think your senior might give a biased view but to get hold of real-time situation and scenario, he or she might be the best person to answer that. If still you are not satisfied then they are many professionals who can help you with this and provide you with useful information.
Hope it helped.