How's the Software Engineering program looking?

Next year, I’m stepping into my freshman year of college and have developed an interest in software engineering. Math’s kinda my thing, and though I’ve never taken any computer science classes, just one on video game design, I’m really eager to dive into it. Just a bit anxious about the learning curve ahead.

There might be some courses which you should learn such as basic programming languages, C or Python. Also in addition, Design and Algorithms course would be better. These are the concepts which are common or interject In computer science and software engineering.

Software Engineering in UTA is a good program, the professors and assignments are good which are among basic, intermediate, and advance. Althought, you will have to work on projects and a few certifications by yourself.

There is a scope for software engineering in Job Market too, but with different roles in companies. It mostly as a business analyst, scrum master and project manager. These will be taught in SE courses.