How's the cybersecurity course at UNT?

Thinking about doing my PG in Cybersecurity here at UNT

Hey Rohan, it is not fun to join us in the cybersecurity maze, not for the week hearts😂
You have to get ready to dodge those virtual bullets! :smile: And yes, UNT’s got no shortage of secret study spots.

Haha, whenever you find a quiet corner, just give me a call for those secret spots.

I have just sent you the discord invite, it’s a group for the students at cybersecurity here

Guys, if you’re planning for a secret-spot hunt, count me in. But it’ll be like a digital defense by day and secret-spot hunting by night​:raised_hands::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Thanks for the invite😊

Sounds like a plan bro😎

Secret-spot hunting, huh? We might just make that an official cybersecurity team bonding activity.

Cant’ lie, it seems like a good idea to me.

And Rohan, once you’re all settled in, let’s grab coffee. I’ll show you around.

I’m all in for coffee and secret-spot hunting. Sounds like the perfect break from all the classes stuff. It kind of is monotonus from time to time

Don’t believer her, I know when we entered the college. She seems like this cute and sweet girl. But when to get to know here, she is really evil​:joy::joy::joy:

Look at Mr. Grown up here. Your campus life would have sucked, if it weren’t for me