How to Score 325+ in GRE


Date: Sat, 29 Jun, 2024

Time: 18:00 IST

Duration: 1 Hr

Location: Link

About the Event :

Scoring a good GRE is your first step towards a good education from abroad. Join this webinar to meet the alumni who scored 320+.
:heavy_check_mark: Tested tips for acing GRE
:heavy_check_mark: Personalised suggestions
:heavy_check_mark: Networking opportunities

Speaker Details:
:man_student:t2:Daksh Dave scored 329 and is now pursuing his MS from Virginia Tech.
:man_student:t2:Dommati Akhil scored 327 on the GRE and is now studying at Lambton College, Canada.
:man_student:t2:Gauransh Sawhney scored 328 while working as an Associate Software Engineer at Service Now. He is looking forward to his admission to Virginia Tech.

Sounds exciting? Get ready to score 320+ and land your dream college in 2025โ€” register for this webinar before seats run out!

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