How to Prepare for IELTS: Live Q&A with Top Scorers

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Some Key Takeaways:

  • Camden provides a one-stop solution for studying abroad, offering various resources like loan assistance, scholarship information, and community support.
  • The platform has helped over 25,000 students with loans totaling over ₹8,000 crore and has received more than 12,000 positive reviews.
  • Camden’s website offers tools like admit predictors, loan eligibility tests, and study materials for standardized tests.
  • The platform features a community called JD Connect for discussion forums, study materials, and test preparation resources.
  • Multiple speakers shared their experiences and preparation strategies for studying abroad, emphasizing the importance of consistency and practice.
  • Time management and stress handling techniques include regular practice, taking mock tests, and focusing on weaker areas.
  • Resources recommended include YouTube channels like IELTS Advantage and IELTS Liz, the official IELTS website, and online test platforms like


Q1: How to transfer 8 lakh rupees without TCS?

  • A: Split the transaction between your parents, transferring 4 lakh each from your mother’s and father’s accounts.

Q2: Why isn’t Avanse eligible for 0.5% TCS?

  • A: Only banks and Credila are granted the status to offer this TCS benefit due to specific legalities.

Q3: Can exchange rates be predicted?

  • A: Predicting exchange rates is very challenging due to many macro-level factors. It is advised to lock in rates when they are favorable instead of waiting.

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