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Published date: 12 May 2020 Updated on: 12 May 2020 With the rising cost of education, living costs also have increased exponentially. It is especially true for international students who are hopping onto the plane to a foreign university and looking forward to studying in a world-class institution and experiencing a different culture, lifestyle, and city. For such students, it is important to find a living space with minimum rent, so that they can live within the means and not increase their financial debt while enjoying their time on foreign land. GyanDhan understands your concerns and therefore, it has partnered with several companies that provide accommodation at reasonable rates. In this way, GyanDhan helps you find the accommodation option best suited to your preferences. What are the major hacks to find cheap accommodation in the UK, Australia, and Ireland? Prior Research - Students should do their research way before arriving in the country. A quick research about the city, living accommodations on-campus, and distance of the off-campus living arrangement from the university should be done well in advance to prevent the last-minute chaos. There are many websites on accommodation options available in a country that will make the search easy for students.  Private Dormitories Are The Key - On-campus accommodation gets booked very early because of its popularity. If you are one of the students who missed their chances of getting on-campus accommodation, you should start looking for private dormitories. They are cheaper than on-campus living plus they come with facilities such as the library, cafeteria, residence halls, etc. Since they are mainly for international students, it is a great way to socialize with people of different nationalities. Prior Arrangement - It is a given that applying to universities abroad comes with set deadlines for entrance exams, application dates, and loan applications. In such a rush, students often put off finding accommodation until everything else is finalized. However, by that time, every accommodation gets booked. The point is living arrangements are equally important and require you to thoroughly research the city you will be living in for quite some time. So make prior arrangements. Get a Roommate - For international students, everything is expensive in a foreign country. Getting a roommate, therefore, will reduce the burden to quite an extent. It will also help you in socializing and making friends in a new country.   Check The Living Standard of Accommodation - Renting cheap accommodation should not mean living in squalor. Check the place for basic amenities and book the place only after you have seen the place.  Research About The Location - Moving to a new country means a completely different environment, customs, and culture. Students would, therefore, benefit from researching the city they will be living in for the next two to three years.  What are the major student accommodation options in the UK? Great Britain Pound is a strong currency compared to Indian rupee. Therefore, the UK is expensive for students both in terms of tuition expenses and living costs. The location of the college also plays a big role as the monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center will have you shelling anything between £630 (Belfast) and £1700 (London). Whereas if you opt to live away from the city in the suburbs, the rent could dip to £430 (Belfast).  However, there are many student accommodation options available to international students who wish to find a liveable place within their means, such as: Halls Of Residence - Halls of residence are owned, managed, and maintained by the universities. They are usually large buildings divided into flats. Generally, private rooms are allotted while the kitchen and lounge areas are open to all. Sometimes, even the bathrooms will be shared in an apartment with 4-8 fellow students, and some have en-suite bathrooms. Bills and amenities such as WiFi are already included in the rent. Some of the best Halls of residence are -  Liberty Point - Southampton, University of Southampton Ranmoor/Endcliffe - Sheffield, University of Sheffield Peel Park Quarter - Salford, University of Salford Falkner Eggington - Loughborough, Loughborough University Roots - Coventry, University of Warwick Bay Campus - Swansea, Swansea University  Private Halls Of Residence - These are similar to halls of residence but are not owned by the university. Charges for the room depend on the size of the room as well as if the room has en-suite facilities. Most universities list out trusted private halls of residences. For example, the University of London has a list of residences near the university. Private Renting - You can also search for rented accommodation. This option is more popular among second-year students who venture out of the residence halls to live independently. This is an expensive option, and therefore, it is advised to look for roommates to share the rent and the bills with. Furnished apartments are better as you would not have to take furniture on rent. You can check if the apartment is furnished on trusted websites such as Gumtree.  For accommodation, it is always recommended to contact the university first to explore viable options.     What are the major student accommodation options in Australia?  Living in Australia is equally expensive for an international student. On average, an international student spends about AUD$ 1,753 per month on accommodation, food, transport, telephone, and incidental costs. This cost of living, however, depends a great deal on individual spending habits. To minimize this cost of living, there are various options for student accommodation, including:  Homestay - Many Australian families host international students. There are great benefits to choosing this form of accommodation as you get to explore the Australian way of life and culture. Facilities such as home-cooked meals, a furnished room, etc., are included. A typical homestay will cost you AUD$ 235 - 325 per week. You can contact your university or go to trusted websites such as Homestay Network to find a perfect homestay family for you.  Residential Colleges - Residential colleges are privately owned and provide accommodation for international students with more facilities than halls of residence. It includes a fully furnished room, weekly cleaning, all meals, access to the library, private tutorials, study support, communal kitchen, and dining halls. Depending on the facilities, you can expect to shell out approximately AUD$ 200 to $700 including weekly utilities.    Purpose-Built Student Accommodation - These are privately-owned student residences. They are centrally located and are near public transport. Bills and the cost of other amenities are included in the rent.  Private Rentals - You can also take a property on rent or lease. To reduce the cost, sharing the rent with friends would be ideal. To take a property on rent, you pay a security deposit as well as rent in advance, both amounting to four weeks’ rent. Depending on the location and facilities, you can expect to shell out approximately AUD$ 185 to $ 440 per week.  Halls of Residence - These are similar to residential colleges but with fewer facilities. Meals and cleaning services may be included. Some halls also offer self-catering service. Students are offered private rooms with a shared kitchen, bathrooms, and recreational areas.   Hostel accommodation - This is a short-term accommodation option for students. They offer private rooms with shared bathrooms and kitchens. Students can also prepare food for themselves. Since there aren’t many facilities attached, the rent ranges from AUD$ 90 to $150 per week.  Apart from these options, students can always search for on-campus accommodation.  You should only use trusted websites to find accommodation.  What are the major student accommodation options in Ireland?  Studies abroad are typically expensive for an international student. But the cost can vary considerably depending on the spending habits of the individual. Apart from the tuition fees and college expenses, students spend approximately €7000 to €12000 annually, which includes rent, electricity, food, laundry, and medicine. The average cost of rent in Ireland is € 427. There are various options available for students to find suitable accommodation in Ireland such as: On-Campus - They are similar to Halls of Residence of organized apartments with 4 - 8 students. They provide private rooms with a communal kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Rent is usually paid at the start of the semester rather than every month. The cost of on-campus accommodation generally depends on the university you choose. A security deposit of one months’ rent needs to be paid, which is refunded when you leave.    Off-Campus Student Apartments - They are generally owned privately and provide almost the same services as on-campus housing. Usually, they are self-catering fully furnished houses/flats. The cost depends on the facilities provided as there are many ‘luxury’ apartments available as well.  Long-Term Student Hostel - They are rather an inexpensive living option. It provides a private room with a communal kitchen, bathroom, and living area. Breakfast and sometimes dinner is included in the rent along with all the bills.  Homestay - This arrangement includes living with a family and is usually known as ‘digs’ in Ireland. You can live as a paying guest where you will be provided a private room with basic facilities. Commonly, breakfast and dinner are provided.  Private Rented Houses - Students can also rent a bedsit/flat or an apartment if they are looking for private accommodation.  Bedsit - a single room unit with a mini kitchen and basic cooking facilities, a bed, and some additional furniture is provided. There may be a communal bathroom shared with the rest of the building occupants.  Flat/ Apartment - A bit bigger than the bedsit with a bedroom, kitchen and living areas, which are usually combined, and a bathroom. The cost varies as per the size of the apartment. You can always search for roommates to share the rent with.     Additional Tips to Keep in Mind: Always look for furnished apartments. This way you won’t have to take furniture on rent.  Look for roommates to share the cost of the rent and the bills with.  Always double-check the place before signing the lease.  Prior research is imperative to find cheaper accommodation.  Check the authenticity of the websites from where you are booking the place.  Abroad education will no doubt pinch your pocket but finding the right accommodation will lighten the load. In case you need assistance in financing your accommodation along with education abroad, then you can reach out to GyanDhan for an education loan. We connect you with the best lenders in the market and fetch you the most lucrative education loan deals which take a major financial burden off your shoulders. Request a call back now or check your loan eligibility for free assistance on education loans.  For further assistance regarding accommodation, we can also get you in touch with top admission counselors who will guide you through the range of accommodation options available abroad and help you choose the right one based on your preferences and budget. Book a free admission consultation now.

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