How to balance time-consuming class with other classes?

This term, I’m enrolled in a particularly demanding course that requires a significant amount of my time and energy, leaving me struggling to keep up with my other courses. I find myself dedicating most of my study periods to homework for this challenging class, and it’s difficult to focus on anything else, even when I’m not actively working on it. Does anyone have strategies or advice on how to handle this situation? How can I mentally disconnect from this course to give adequate attention to my other classes?

Hi! If the content of this tough course doesn’t seem like it will be useful for your overall goals or the job market you’re interested in, try not to worry too much about it. Instead of stressing, complete your assignments with a more relaxed approach. You could use online tools like ChatGPT or work on assignments in groups to make things easier. Focus more on the courses that you believe will be beneficial for your future career and goals. This approach will help you enhance your resume and achieve your long-term objectives without getting overwhelmed.

Hope that helps.