How To Apply For a UK Student Visa? | GyanDhan

With the introduction of GIR, the UK is sure to become a hot destination for students to pursue their higher education. Announced on 11th September 2019, the Graduate Immigration Route gives students an extension of two years to stay and find work in the UK after they graduate. GIR will come into effect from Summer 2021 for students who graduate in and after 2021. This is sure to increase the number of students who apply to UK universities. 

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How long does it usually take to get a UK student visa?

In general, the UK student visa application is processed within 3 weeks (15 working days) once the completed application is lodged. However, you can get a faster visa decision if you pay an additional cost. You can get it within 5 days through ‘Priority Service’ or within 24 hours through ‘Super Priority Service’.