How much time do i prepare for ielts?

Hi guys, I am from India and i am fluent in English .I am going to write ielts after some weeks and want to know how much do i need to prepare. Please also let me know what free resources i can refer during my preparation. Thanks a lot for your time

While I second what others said, here are more inputs. Test-takers usually excel at speaking, listening, and reading, but writing is a different ball game, and this is a key observation regarding academic module. I have seen many re-takers attempting again because the writing section wreaked havoc in the last attempt. Writing is my profession and I would like to guide you. Feel free to DM me.

In my first attempt, I completed my Ielts general and scored overall band of 8. I would like to share my experience with you to achieve your required IELTS scores. I did not enrol in any specific coaching and I practised with the Cambridge book that came with my package.

Listening : There are numerous practise tests available on YouTube.

Reading : I used the skimming and scanning technique. Instead of reading the entire passage, I usually try to understand the question first. It was effective for me.

Writing : I read a lot of letter formats and understood the essay types from online resources.

When it comes to practise, I recommend that you practise writing on sample answer sheets (which you can download from the respective websites) to ensure that you can complete both tasks in 60 minutes. It is impossible to practise writing about all of the topics we read, but I recommend that you practise at least 4-5 topics on the sample answer sheet before taking the exam to make sure that you are able to complete both tasks in 60 minutes.

Speaking : Securing a high score in IELTS Speaking could be accomplished through your topic relevance and, most importantly, your body language.

The more expressive you are, the more marks you will accrue.

I relied on YouTube videos for speaking. I practised simulation videos and followed “English Speaking Success” & “Daily English Booster” because they covered the majority of the IELTS speaking topics.

If you have enough ideas about the speaking topics, you will be able to confidently answer them in your speaking test. Your level of confidence and body language are vital in achieving the required score in speaking.

Try to answer the questions using personal experiences so that your responses appear genuine and expressive.

If you have any questions about the IELTS exam, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Being fluent in English is great but it’s usually not enough to get a high IELTS band score. You must also understand what the tasks are about and what the examiners are looking for in an answer. Therefore, it’s really important that you familiarize yourself with the IELTS.

For instance, to get high band scores in IELTS Speaking and Writing, you need to show the examiners that you have great language skills. You must know how you can do this (complex grammar, a broad range of vocabulary, and so on). I also recommend preparing answers for the introduction in IELTS Speaking because the questions are always the same. If you need sample answers, check out this video:

In IELTS Reading, you need a reading strategy. If you read the whole passage, you won’t be able to finish the test on time. I always get a Band 9 in IELTS Reading and finish about 10 minutes earlier because I know exactly how to read and what the questions ask me to do. Have a look at this video: Here, I solve a full IELTS Reading Practice Test and show you how to find the correct answers fast.

Concerning IELTS Listening, make sure that you know the question types and how you need to listen. I always get a Band 9 in IELTS Listening because I know how to listen. This helps me find the correct answers. Have a look at this video where I tell you my top tips for IELTS Listening:

Always remember that the IELTS is a test with challenging tasks. Your fluency is a great basis to get a high band score. Use this to your advantage, prepare well, and everything will be fine!

Thankyou ,I plan on studying for at least a month and then i plan on giving ielts academic exam by November end.

One month of practice would be sufficient since you have good English fluency. All the best. Do well. @aka_sharma

yes thankyou thats a good point you stated

@aka_sharma I’m glad it’s helpful!

Thanks for the tip

If you don’t mind can you share tips about writing ? I have test on next Monday and your tips probably can help me. TIA.