How much of a social scene at Pace?

How much of a social scene at Pace and how safe is the area at night and weekends? Not asking about partying but if students are active in clubs and activities, is it a good place to be able to make friends and be able to hang out with other students at night and weekends? And do women feel safe near campus? I’m not scare of NY but I have only been there with family and that is so different than walking from class or internship to the dorms or going out at night.

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I’m going to be quite honest- making friends can really depend on your major. If you’re in a performing arts major, you’re literally set from day one. I haven’t had any time this semester to join a club (womp womp) but I know people who’ve found success doing that. Tbh there’s no formula to making friends than to just try and put yourself out there. FIDI is a really chill district and I haven’t had any trouble. I’m AFAB but nom-binary btw. Honestly as long as you vaguely know where you are, you’ll always feel some semblance of safety. I also know a lot of girls that go clubbing in the wee hours of the morning and they’ve always felt safe. Hopefully this helps. Just lmk if you have any other questions.