How many semesters can I take off from UTD?

Basically, I was just wondering how many semesters I can skip or take off from UTD as a student. I was currently taking classes in Fall 2023 but felt burnt out, struggled with mental health issues, and unfortunately got into academic probation… so right now I am taking the spring off but I still dont feel ready to come back in the fall… so I am curious, is it possible to also take the fall and maybe even next spring off even if im on academic probation? And, if this is possible, do I need to tell someone, like an advisor or dean or sign some form or document online? Thats all I was wondering about, if anyone could tell me more about this I would greatly appreciate it, goodluck on finales and have a great day regardless… :pray:

I'm pretty positive if you don't sign up for classes for like 2 semesters or something like that (maybe 1) in a row, you are dropped from the university if you don't tell them your taking a break.

I would tell someone so they know you are taking a break and are coming back so that way they can save your spot in the system.

Please get the mental help you need, I can talk if you want my DM’s are open. Focus on making yourself the best person mentally and hit it strong when your ready. Everyone’s success is different, some people don’t start their careers until their 30’s, some 40’s.

Do not worry about what other people say you should do, you are the captain of your ship, and only the captain can steer the ship to where it needs to go.

Hi Rohan,

Per the rule you have to complete 9 credits in your first term however later on in the second year you can also take only 1 subject for a particular semester, the university helps you a lot in case of certain challenges like the one in your case. first thing first I would suggest you take it easy on yourself, don’t take to much pressure.

If you are on academic probation one has to return for the next semester but you should speak with the academic advisor and ISSO for clearance as it might also hamper your student visa F1 STATUS.

which is the key concern.

Also, you can speak semesters and take semester breaks from university rules but in our case, as we are international students we also have to be in sync with the ISSO guidelines for F1 students.

i have also attached a screenshot of what i found on UTD website.
here’s the link - JSOM Policies | Naveen Jindal School of Management