How is the UTD experience

How is the UTD experience
So, I got an admission for business analytics from JSOM.

Could you all tell me what the course experience is like? -The academic rigour, the faculties and advising experience

Also, how is the college experience in general? What should I expect regarding social life, clubs and sports?

My social experience is better if I’m involved with activities and clubs. The people there are really chill and friendly. There is a lot you can find around the campus with flyers and information on the website.

The others are more focused on attending classes. The only interaction I ever got is the group projects and upcoming homework/tests discussions.

So you prob gonna get a pretty good financial aid so if that’s what you want go for it. Academically UTD is way harder than it needs to be. Socially, there is no social completely dead. In summary if you just want to focus on school have the same friends you had in high school it’s the uni for u. Also if you don’t have a car it’s even more complicated.

UTD is alright, not the greatest school ever but it could be a lot worse. Keep in mind a lot of the people responding to you on here are the type of people that complain about their university on reddit.

Socially it’s introverted and nerdy but just like any other place you’ll find your people if you try. There are lots of clubs and greek life groups. There’s more clubs that have to do with gaming/internet culture but there’s still a good mix.

I will say if you’re looking for the traditional college experience UTD is not the place to go. It’s a D2 commuter school without a football team if that puts it into perspective.

If you haven’t accepted your admission offer yet I would at least consider other schools. UTD has a good business school but it is pretty expensive if you don’t have financial aid and the more nerdy culture might not be for you.

@noct1s Wow, thanks for this insight. This makes sense