How is the internship search going?

Hey everyone! I’m studying for my Master’s in Computer Science at the new Arlington campus, and it seems like none of us, out of about 100 students, have landed an internship yet. Our coop advisor, Thea Celestine, is only just starting to look over our coop processes that let us access NUWorks. So, I’m reaching out to see how students from other campuses are doing with finding internships. For those who’ve secured one, what helped you get it?

I am in NEU Boston. For internships:

  1. Improve your resume regularly after talking to people with their feedbacks.
  2. Apply for the jobs that matches with your resume to at least 80%.
  3. Apply to atleat 10 applications daily consistently. (More applications will create your chances in this market)
  4. Network with your friends, families for referrals.

The one thing which worked for me is to apply in quality and consistently.