How is the faculty support and community cultural at UCM?

How supportive is the faculty towards students in the Department of Education, and what kind of community culture can be expected there?

In the department of education, all of the teachers I’ve had have been very supportive whether it’s regarding academics or personal life. These teachers will go out of their way in order to make sure their students, us teacher candidates, succeed and feel welcome. They always hear us out on suggestions for their future classes and make changes to the schedule in order to accommodate for their current classes. I chose this school because I knew it was a good education school, I never thought that I would be able to rely on my teachers and peers as much as I do now.

You will get a good support from the faculty. The student communities are completely filled with Indian students. You cant feel any difference right here. It feels like you are studying in India. Assignments and exams are easier when compared with other universities with a good support from faculty.