How is the campus life here?

How is the campus life at ASU, are there plenty of clubs and activities to do?

Hey! I'm at ASU, and campus life is buzzing electric. There are tons of activities and clubs for every interest and you just connect at once with the people here.

Totally agree with Mayank! I joined the hiking club, and we have regular trips. Plus, there are cultural events all the time. I guess there’s a costume theme party tonight at nikki’s place too!
I am going as Bajirao Mastani😍

ASU has a vibrant social scene. I’m part of the drama club, and we put up some fantastic shows. You’ll never be bored! @callmeJaya I guess you should visit our club and we can have some bollywood buzz going!

Campus life is a lot diverse than my last IPU college. I’m in the coding club here, and they organize hackathons. It is a great way to balance studies with fun. Any one can join as long they pass our entry tests😮‍💨

Absolutely! I joined the sustainability group, and we do projects all around the campus. ASU offers something for everyone.

Do not worry about it Dhruv, there are plenty of options! From sports to arts, you can dive into whatever you’re passionate about. ASU is more than just classes, I can tell this to you from my own experience. I am glad that I joined here.

ASU has many active clubs covering all areas like sports, culturals, literature, arts and what not. Just choose the one which you are interested in and try to apply on student orgs/clubs on my ASU. The campus life is very good and active at ASU. get to meet a

Social activities are endless. There is a portal on your MyASU page to join different clubs that are available. You can visit places around Memorial Union. Most of the clubs and their representatives have tables around there.