How is Robotics course in ASU and will they prefer Computer science students?

I am Manu from Bangalore. I have done my engineering in Computer science and currently I am working as Testing engineer in some MNC.
I am interested in doing MS in Robotics.
How is Robotics course in ASU and will they prefer Computer science students?
If yes, then what are the prerequisites should one have for that course.
I have not done any projects or published papers related to Robotics.
Kindly help me


An incident happened when I was seeking for a part time job, I was offered robotics part time role so the professor was from MIT she was doing a lot of robotics stuff but once I go and meet her for the work I find that it was a lot different from software engineering because software engineering is programming and getting applications for different systems, but here it was a level higher, getting the programs work and making sure whatever hardware you are using get fits property.
Like even in ASU campus you can find a lot of guys who have programmed and built a prototype of car model, they would be taking these remote control cars on the college campus testing them out, so you will definitely have a lot of chance in robotics a lot of opportunities in ASU but if you are able to express your interest, the more important thing is you need to show a little bit of projects on how you have worked on robotics , and how that is contributing to any robotics project.if you can do that the professor will read your SOP and they will be happy to give you a chance but again you need to apply and see it’s very difficult to say in advance because in testing engineer you can’t show your testing in the SOP like you can say you are testing engineer but if you’re able to highlight more about your interest in robotics and how things have turned out for you and how you would be gaining the experience and how you would be using that then you have chances of getting into robotics.