How I ended up stepping away from CS

Hey there!
So, let me share how I ended up stepping away from CS. It all began in my fall semester after a rough vacation where I nearly didn’t make it (yeah, had to be hospitalized and everything). When I started having severe anxiety attacks upon waking up, I knew something was off. Suddenly, the thought of coding made me incredibly anxious. This went on for about 4 weeks into the semester. On top of that, focusing in class became a Herculean task, and it felt like I had lost my coding mojo. So, I decided to take a break for the semester to sort things out.

Turns out, I was battling depression, possibly worsened by some brain damage from the accident. The only thing that seemed to ease my anxiety was moving away from CS. Even today, I’m not 100% sure about that decision, but I was desperate for some peace of mind.

Now, as a junior, this semester marks the first time I’ve completely stepped away from CS, switching to MIS. But honestly, I’m finding it quite dull. It’s like I’ve lost my spark for what I’m studying.

Also, the way my college handles things, a bunch of my CS credits didn’t carry over. So, I’ve only got my general education and maybe one or two business classes credited. This means I’m back to square one with beginner business classes.

Long story short, I’m looking at graduating a semester late, even if I sacrifice my summers. But, I noticed if I switch back to CS, I could graduate on time without giving up my summers.

I initially left CS because the panic attacks freaked me out, and I thought I lost my coding skills. But I’m not feeling my new major and am considering going back to CS, seeing some benefits in doing so.