How hard it is to get an internship for international students?

I am preparing for higher studies, hopefully US. I read somewhere in a blog that getting internships is highly difficult for international students in US…Could you shed some light on this matter?

Yes,it is because companies dont expect too much in a period of 10 -12 weeks time,so they dont hire much.
Also,it is not guaranteed that your internship would be converted to full time job easily.
So,it all bubbles up to preparing for full time jobs from scratch.
Keep trying for internships,but if you dont get it,start preparing for full time job as that is the main deal to win

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Hey Abhishek…
My plan is for 2020. My field is CS…If I were to plan for masters…which country should I make my priority…or do you think strategy of prioritizing country is not a very good one?
Thanks in advance

Take a look at website, the problems of difficulty level (easy and hard) are asked in most of the companies here in USA.Most of the students start preparing from this website(highly recommended) once they come in USA.

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Oh alrighty…thanks…
one last query…is it also because of strict post-study visa rules?

USA has good friendly rules for immigrants…ya there is always tension about your H1B visa getting approved,but that is totally on the luck factor,cant do anything about it…but most if the good compnies shift you to India ,Canada or anywhere else in their other international offices and apply for your H1B again and help you get back in that race.

If CS, I would definetly say keep USA at the highest priority as you know major tech companies have their headquarters here and the absorbtion is pretty high in tech roles here.The next hot spot is Canada but I would definetly recommend USA…
Australia,Germany are also good ,I had admit for Carnegie Mellon from Australia,but I didnt have any friends or anyone in my network,so couldnt get a good picture of job market there so refrained from going into that Uncharted territory…