How hard is UB to get into for math/CS?

How hard is UB to get into for math/CS?
I have i think a 3.3 gpa, transfer from CC, no SATs and no extracurriculars.

is it even possible? I actually think STEM at Buffalo seems to be a pretty decent program although obviously its not an Ivy League.

I also transferred from a local cc with a 3 GPA and got in with very little extracurriculars in high school but I did send them my SAT and had letters of recommendations from two high school teachers.

Since when do high schoolers not have to take SATs for college? I graduated like 3 years ago from undergrad and I feel old as hell cause not taking the SATs meant I think not going to college when I was in high school.

I mean good riddance to the SATs, standardized tests are some bullshit. I just didn’t know they would give up so easily cause schools love those stupid tests and think the results matter for some reason (coming from someone who did well on the SATs I’m not just bitter lol). Now to get rid of the LSAT because that fucker is evil…and expensive…and evil

Sorry idk your odds for getting in I didn’t even do STEM at UB. I just wanted to share that I feel old as dirt, that I’m glad you youngins don’t have to take the SAT anymore, and good luck getting into UB! Go bulls🤘

(heads up if you transfer you gotta say go bulls a lot and do that with your hand. It’s a bull. Get it? You get it, you’re smart)