How do you actually get a tech job in the current market in May 2024? (Any help is welcome!)

I’m an MS CS student who just graduated and wasn’t able to get any replies. If there’s anyone in the same boat who has any leads or wanna just join me in Leetcoding everyday so we at least have something going for us lol, DM me!

I totally get where you’re coming from. I’m in a similar situation and would love to join you in Leetcoding every day. Let’s keep each other motivated and make some progress together! I’ll DM you.

I was in the same boat, doing leetcode is also fun. However, as far as I have seen the market, blindly applying on LinkedIn is not helping people. Rather, showcase your unique projects on LinkedIn, let recruiters reach out to you, ask referrals from friends and relatives, talk to hiring managers and recruiters on LinkedIn, expand your network, and create a digital portfolio. These are the ways to get an opportunity in 2024, create a niche, and don’t be generalized. I hope it helps.