How do Indian People Manage to Study Abroad?

I’ve noticed that a lot of Indian students are pursuing Master’s in Computer Science abroad, and I’m curious about how they handle the high costs of living and tuition simultaneously. Is it feasible for an Indian student financially? I also want to study MS in Canada or the UK, but my budget seems limited. Are there any strategies or options to make it more affordable?

Your financial situation can’t define your knowledge and experience. Try to get the best university soo that you can get the loan easily with less roi and more amount and then good to go

Hi, managing the high cost of tuition fee and the process is very different from person to person. Yet students from average middle class families take education loan and with the help of the same they fund their living expenses and tuition fee. Rest, you can save money via part time jobs that pay well.

Rest, funding is a very individualistic process.